Many people are familiar with Ben Franklin. His portrait adorns the $100 bill. He’s best known for his experiments in electricity. He was extraordinary in his inventiveness and saw his inventions as gifts to his fellow citizens. He lived an amazing life by any account.

His secret? He focused on doing something good each day and held himself accountable for what he accomplished.

What method did he use to forge his legacy? He asked himself two questions everyday:

1. Each morning he asked: “What good shall I do today?”

2. Each evening he asked: “What good have I done today?”

If you did nothing else to change your fortunes than to honestly ask and answer these questions everyday for the rest of your life the transformation would startle you. So many of us state we want to make a difference. Well here is the most straightforward and simple way to begin in earnest to do so.

Begin and end your day—everyday with these two questions! Simple. But it only works if you are willing.

There is a price for every life experience. Are you willing to pay the price? The choice is yours.

Your best investment is always in your self-development. If you feel energized by the possibilities the next move is yours. A year from now you will wish you had started today. Invest in your best self now. The journey of a thousand miles begins now. Your path starts here!

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