Executive development is paradoxical.

On one hand you’re already an executive therefore you have the characteristics and abilities to perform the standards of leadership. On the other hand you recognize that maybe there are somethings that need a bit of refining or perhaps you’re stuck and consequently your organizations’s productivity is in decline. The bottom line is this: your organization needs the best from you. But where do you turn to make the right changes? To develop a new perspective? To reinvigorate your leadership? It’s always an inside out process.

What is Executive Coaching?

There are four pathways to forge ahead; get a mentor, hire a consultant,  start therapy or get a coach. Any or all of these paths can be right for you. What distinguishes coaching from these other relationships is this: Coaching is based on what is happening now! It is rooted in a learning model which revitalizes your abilities to connect with the power of now through encouraging controlled experiments in new ways of working, thinking, doing on both a personal and professional level.

It’s an executive development program which provides you, the leader with real time one-on-one interactions with an objective third party. This context allows the executive to maintain day-to-day responsibilities while providing time to devote to your own development as a leader.

The coaching process focuses on you and your needs to empower your leadership abilities and improve organizational effectiveness. This allows you to address and correct performance issues while attending to your own growth and development needs. The beauty of this personal yet objective approach is the systemic benefits which impact your entire organization.

Who needs an Executive Coach?

The answer should be self-evident! You do. And your executive staff.

Leadership skills are at a premium. It’s more than command and control. It’s vision and creativity. It’s a process of personal and organizational improvements. It also requires a long-term investment to support your change agenda. The right coach for you will help to deliver a competitive edge.

This journey can be deeply personal. It’s not therapy but it can be therapeutic. It is a confidential relationship. The rules of engagement are discussed and agreed to. Developmental issues are prioritized. Goals are defined. An a action plan is made. The metrics for success are defined and agreed to as well. Once the protocol is accepted an agreement to move forward is made. Sessions are weekly. The term of engagement is usually 6-12 months.

If you feel energized by the possibilities the next move is yours. A year from now you will wish you had started today. Invest in your best self now. The journey of a thousand miles begins now. Your Path Starts Here!


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