You have one life to live. Maybe a thousand in the obscure past and perhaps thousands to be lived in your karmic future…but this is the one you can actually do something about.

The question is simple: How can I endeavor to live the life I imagine as my best life now?

You want to contribute, make a difference and have a happy life but you’re frustrated. Stuck in a rut—of your own design—based on your thinking, feelings and decision making.

Or maybe the rut was just part of life. Perhaps you find yourself “living a life of quiet desperation” caught between an irretrievable past and inconceivable future? 

Welcome to the human race!

Frustration of desire is rampant. You want certain things to happen but—they don’t. The promotion you were counting on is given to someone else. The raise you were promised doesn’t happen. The enthusiasm for your new business proposal is lukewarm —or worse.  

It’s deflating.

Then there are the things you don’t want to happen but they do. You find yourself digging in and resisting these unhappy changes in your life circumstances. This is never a good long-term strategy. Depending on the severity of these changes—loss of income, loss of spouse, etcetera —you may find yourself stuck for a lifetime.  No bueno!

There is a way out of this mess.

It’s called “Clarity”!

There is nothing more empowering than a habit of clear thinking. This is the sin qua non of living a deliberately fabulous life. It gives structure to your actions and clears the way for meaningful action.

Logic is a powerful tool. Reason a powerful ally. But it’s not enough to be able to reason clearly. We must be able to frame the meaning of our thought process into an actionable time frame. It’s a matter of time—and how you have sorted your life experiences into different time categories.

We are all biased by our time perspective. With an optimal orientation in time your ability to create a compelling future, show up fully engaged and build on past successes will be significantly enhanced. 

Never forget: whatever problem you have there is a solution and more often than you imagine the solution is already within you. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton states that the function of your mind is to create coherence between your beliefs and your life experiences. The implications are enormous and life changing—in order to have the life experiences you desire your beliefs must align with your desired outcomes. Within you is an automatic feature of mind which ensures that your experiences match your beliefs.

It’s mission critical to a successful life that you are aware of which beliefs are making what experiences happen.

Coach Ken will help uncover and discover these beliefs which are critical to your success.

Consider this observation: “Life is about making decisions.” Both the quality and consequences of your decisions will affect you and your stakeholders (all those folks who are affected by your choices and decisions including spouses, children, friends, business associates, etc.) perhaps for a lifetime. Therefore it’s essential that your decision making be made more conscious and that your time biases be exposed and understood.

Remember that all decisions have their consequences in the future therefore all decisions are creating your future.

These consequences arrive in three time horizons; short-term in which the consequences arrive in the next moment, the next day or next month, mid-term in which they show up anytime in the next 3 months to three years, and finally there are the long-term consequences which are beyond this three year window.

Coach K will guide you in the creation of a time profile that will give new life to your decision making. Contact Coach K for more info!

from Thoreau’s Walden: “I learned this, at least, by my experiment; that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. . . .”

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