If you have lived pass the age of 12 or so your mind is likely filled with a lot of nonsense. Noted author Mark Twain made this revealing observation about the human condition: “The problem with most of us is that we know too much that isn’t so!” This nonsense lives mostly in the background and shows itself in our misunderstandings and ignorance. Famed motivational speaker and author Zig Ziegler was fond of saying “we need a checkup from the neck up!”

The checkup begins with Awareness and Self-observation. This is how we begin to notice the nonsense within. The problem is we think this nonsense is a collection of objective facts and rules of thumb we need to hold on too. We are attached to our own misunderstandings and bullshit. This presents a compelling challenge: Can we let go of what we think is so but isn’t long enough to see clearly what is so in the here-and-now?

We need to challenge the validity of our beliefs, or at least take a conscious look at them to determine if they remain true—and useful for our path forward. Some of this is Discovered Through Inquiry. Some of it will simply be dissolved through some form of meditation. The Ken of Zen coaching model includes a daily meditation to help clear the clutter and restore sanity to your here-and-now.

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