download (2)What is Zen? A complicated question with a simple answer. Its a practice of studying mind and seeing into your own nature. You sit. You meditate. It has no goals or expectations. It focuses your mind on breathing. The actual and factual center of your being—and the source for inspiration. Its a way to see into your own mind.

“In Zen, one seeks to empty out the mind, to return it to the clear pure stillness of a seashell or a flower petal.”

Ultimately it’s about coming face to face with yourself in a direct and intimate way. Zen masters practice for a life time. In my coaching practice I use a Zen lite approach to clear your mind clutter, quiet the monkey mind, and restore your relationship with the present moment. There are three essential ingredients in Zen training that help in removing your internal obstacles. These are:

  • Meditation – Which creates nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment.

  • Daily Practice – Your path to single-minded attention to the job at hand.

  • Zen koans – A type of question which helps to carry thought beyond the limits of intellect and langauge. A koan is a mental exercise or puzzle thar defies the power of the intellect to solve it. It purpose is to drive you to a logical impasse and shift your awareness back to the present moment.

Zen has a very long and rich tradition. I make no pretense here as to requirements to realize Zen. It may take a lifetime, maybe several lifetimes to do so. The Ken of Zen approach uses what it “ken” to obtain the important outcome—a mindful approach to life. It’s been said that the perfection of Zen is to live one’s ordinary life to its fullest. The perfection of the Ken of Zen approach is a kind of practical mindfulness that becomes a way of being in business and in life.

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