This may come as a surprise but not everyone is coachable. To be coachable you have to be humble enough to accept feedback and willing enough to commit to the journey of change. The Ken of Zen model is transformational. It demands your full dedication to being your best self. This is true even if you are only interested in improving your performance in a specific area. There is no room for dabblers.

So…let’s start with a brief questionnaire to assess your “ready, willing and ableness” to get the best outcomes from our coaching relationship.

  1. Are you here to dabble or are you fully dedicated to being your best self?
  2. Are you looking for a “magical” solution to the issues you face?
  3. Are you willing to make a full commitment of your resources (Time, Money, Energy, Attention, Intention) to become your best self?
  4. Are you ready to make conscious choices and commitments to stretch goals?
  5. Do you have a hunger to learn?
  6. Are you ready, willing and able to persevere through the challenges which will inevitably arise both within you and about you as you travel the road of excellence?
  7. Does the notion of being your best self energize with a renewed sense of mission and purpose?
  8. Are you ready to break out of your rut and deal with uncertainty in a conscious way?
  9. Are you willing to face the reality of who you are now to become the best possible you in the future?

If you feel energized by the possibilities the next move is yours. A year from now you will wish you had started today. Invest in your best self now. The journey of a thousand miles begins here. Your path starts here!


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